Dale Bryan's Custom Music Service

Pricing: What You Get For What You Pay

Every Client's investment in Mobile DJ/MC entertainment INCLUDES:

Plus up to 12 additional hours of service beyond performance time:

4 hours of DJ/MC entertainment includes 16 total hours of service!

Dale Bryan's Sound Systems

$300 for Compact Sound System +

$600 for Primary Sound System +

Hourly rate for the scheduled DJ/MC performance time:
+ $100/hour for weddings OR $80/hour for other events

The base price for either sound system includes the 12 additional hours of service listed above. The hourly performance rate for weddings is slightly higher than other events because of the extra planning and coordinating involved. Overtime performance is charged at time and a half but may be prorated. A 4-hour minimum booking is required on Saturdays and holidays. Supplemental fees may apply for major holidays (or adjacent weekends) and the following optional services:

60/hour for additional waiting time or round-trip travel over 30 minutes

80 for providing outdoor shelter for Compact Sound System (canopy tent)

$100/hour for wedding ceremony music at the same location as the reception

$120/hour for wedding ceremony music at separate location (2nd sound system)

$140 for providing Dance Floor Lighting (for appropriate indoor events ONLY)

$150/hour for overtime performance at weddings ($120/hour for other events)

Current hourly rate for on-site Mobile Massage Therapy by Wendy Marie, LMT

Create an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Don't just hire anyone.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.